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Sisters of La Sagesse celebrate 50 years service at Cregg House,
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And among the guests gathering for the historic occasion will be a very special nun, 72 years old, Sr. Gerard Clancy, a founding member of the first community at Cregg House, who has worked there ever since and is still resident there.

Although no longer involved in day to day activities, Sr. Gerard remains deeply committed to the ethos that influenced and directed the care and commitment of the Sisters over the years.

The celebrations will bring together clients, some of whom have been cared for by the Sisters since their first day in Sligo, current and past staff members, and a large number of guests, including Sligo born Sr. Jean Quinn, the new Provincial Leader of the Daughters of Wisdom of the Great Britain and Ireland Province.

In 1955, the Daughters of Wisdom were asked by the Department of Health to come to Sligo to open the first house to provide for children with a Learning Disability.

The chronicles of the first weeks and months tell of much hardship as the Sisters worked to establish a comfortable home for these children. They also relate the kindness of the other religious Sisters and Brothers in the area in supplying them with beds,
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Since those early days, major changes in the concepts and care and service delivery systems have occurred both nationally and internationally.

Within Cregg House, a centre which was initially concerned with a large cohort of school children and a small number of adults with moderate and mild intellectual disability, care is now given to a much more diverse group of service users,
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In keeping with modern trends in care provision, their community programme has evolved over the past twenty years, and the service now has twelve community houses.

Sr. Jean, who is the first Provincial Leader from Sligo of the Daughters of Wisdom, expressed heartfelt thanks to the people of Sligo for their support over the past half century.

“We are very grateful for the countless numbers of people who have influenced and touched our lives in Cregg House, all the children and adults who have and do avail of our services, their families and our wide circle of friends and benefactors, laity, clergy and religious.

“We want to especially thank our dedicated members of staff who play such a vital role in ensuring the quality of services provided and that the ethos of Cregg House is maintained and handed down, an ethos which bears the hallmark of our founders, namely a great Christian love and respect for life and for each individual, ensuring that the dignity of the person is preserved at all times and enabling them to reach their full potential in life.

“To the people of Sligo town and county we say a very big thank you for all the support we have received over these years”,
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